Nafpaktos Hotel, renovated from 2015, is one of the eco-friendly hotels in Nafpaktos, applying environmental management principles, aiming in this way:

  • Water saving,
  • The reduction of waste,
  • The introduction of recycling policies,
  • Minimizing their energy footprint, ie the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere from their day-to-day activities, energy-related,
  • Providing organic and local products to their customers,
  • The use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to meet their energy needs,
  • Promoting their environmental policy both to hotel staff / accommodation and their own customers



Nafpaktos Hotel has made the following energy interventions:


Lighting with LED technology

All conventional lamps have been replaced by new LED technology. LED technology is the latest technology in terms of energy saving in lighting systems and improving their quality. Specifically:

  • They offer savings of 50% up to 90% on lighting
  • Large variety of colors and perfect color scanning (CRI)> 75
  • They do not contain mercury (RoHs compatible) & ultraviolet radiation
  • They do not flicker, they do not blink, they do not produce harmonics on the network
  • They do not need maintenance and produce very small amounts of heat
  • They have an exceptionally long service life of 30,000 - 100,000 Hrs
  • They retain their color performance for more than 80% of their lifetime while still operating at 70% of their original luminance at 50,000 hours
  • Their service life is not affected by frequent start-up and shut-down, and they are particularly resistant to vibration


Motion / presence sensors on the roof paths for energy saving with KNX protocol.

In common areas the necessary safety light is constantly in operation and motion detectors are installed at specific points. Once a detector realizes the presence of a person, he instructs the lighting system to operate in that area and for a period of time that the person's presence lasts. This saves energy as only the necessary points are illuminated and only when people are in them for the duration of their presence.

In addition, the KNX system allows staff to remotely monitor the lighting via a computer or other electronic means and also enables manual operation for emergency situations


Heating Hot water with heat pump. 

To heat hot water, a heat pump is used along with a solar thermal system (solar panels). With the help of the sun, the water is heated in special boilers up to a temperature and depending on the sunshine. Beyond that, the heat pump is being heated which directly heats and does not use fuel such as oil or gas.

The reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions observed with the installation of the hybrid eco friendly DHW heating system has been remarkable by reaching 60% of energy and resource savings, enhancing our Green Eco Friendly Character of our Hotel.